I’m not sure what I will do,

but- well,

I want to go places and see people,

I want my mind to grow,

I want to take pride in whatever it is that makes me different,

I want to live where things happen on a great scale,

individuality is what divides me from the rest.


B&L and me going places.

The jewelry is made of high quality silver, stainless steel and leather. Look at store locator for stores that sell this great jewelry.


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Blogger meets B&L

Blogger Jolien van Staeyen has written an article about the beautiful bracelets from B&L.

Fashion blogger Kim is wearing B&L

Fashion blogger Kim shows on her blog how she combines the bracelets from B&L.

Man blogger about B&L

Blogger Roy Boere is a fan of B&L. He shows on his blog which bracelets are his favorites.

Marieke Hagesteijn – shopaholiekmama.nl

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